Online fiddle lessons

I am teaching the fiddle online! I'm currently working with a range of players of different abilities and experiences with the fiddle. With each student, my aim is to establish their unique playing goals, musical interests and technique curiosities and work with them thematically with material from various fiddle traditions to develop their general playing. I teach by ear and spend a lot of time working with bowing technique, intonation, rhythm and internal grooves of tunes (and how to play them), bringing a tune to life and finding solo variations, developing a personal toolkit for improvisation and playfulness within any musical style as well as looking at some specific styles of folk fiddle music that I'm passionate about including Swedish, English and French dance repertoire. 

I charge £40/hour for a one-off lesson and £35/hour for lessons booked in blocks of 4 or more. 

To find out more or book a lesson, please contact me.

Here are a few things my students have said about my teaching:

As a novice player I was finding that my fiddle playing was not getting any better despite playing quite a bit. I would race through tunes trying to play them as fast as possible and learn them as quickly as possible from the music. I was probably getting worse as a result. Lessons with Rowan have really helped me to focus on getting a good groove in my playing and encouraged me to explore variations in bowing and rhythm whilst learning some great tunes by ear that I can share with friends. Every lesson feels like such a treat and I look forward to them each week.”
Rowan creates an absorbing, interactive and fun space online to learn to play from a wealth of fiddle tunes with great technique. Generously acknowledging her lineage of fiddle teachers and sharing her knowledge of the fiddle, Rowan brings her own musical voice and style to a new world of online folk fiddle teaching. Combining fantastic teaching with patience, flair and encouragement in equal measure, I cannot recommend her more highly. It’s been a wonderful space to unpack the mechanics of a folk tune in order to dress it up and play with new confidence, insight and joy back on imaginary wooden dance floor (and real when they open up again). My experience of weekly Lockdown Learning with Rowan has been one of the highlights of the past few weeks - thank you”
Rowan is a goldmine of tunes, techniques, insights, and gentle critique. For me these lessons are a real silver-lining of the whole lock-down. I love them. After each lesson Rowan sends me a video recap of what we’ve learnt and some ideas of what to focus on in the coming week. These are super useful to refer back to and make sure my practising is focussed (and fun!)”
It really shouldn’t work this online tuition thing – I was sceptical but thought it worth giving a go. As it turns out it’s really cool. You have such a good ear (two actually) that you pick up on lots of elements in my playing that sometimes surprises me, but it’s your natural encouraging style (positive feedback) that is the engine for improvement. Coupled of course with your musicality, knowledge and experience in so many styles/genres. I’ve been inspired by your playing and approach since meeting you at Halsway 3 years or so ago, and now I can honestly say I’ve really enjoyed my lessons too; you’ve stretched me in areas I wasn’t expecting – like counting! I think I’ve probably stretched you too a bit but you’ve always found a way to explain stuff, like with my inability to count to 3 consistently. You’ve also been patient with my “I want everything” and turned it into a more focussed but flexible programme of activity.”